Current Projects
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US Steel, Cataloging / Removal / Asset Dispersal Austin Tx
NSA Cataloging of Assets, Fort Meade MD
CommScope, Cataloging / Removal / Asset Dispersal, Joliet IL
Marvell, Removal / Asset Dispersal Essex Junction Vt.
AbbVie, Removal / Asset Dispersal, Sunrise FL.
2021 Completed Projects
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Newell Brands, Cataloging of Assets,  Bowling Green Ohio
Mondoleze,  Cataloging of Assets,  Fairlawn NJ
Mondoleze,  Cataloging of Assets,  Atlanta GA.
Procter and Gamble Cataloging of Assets Cincinnati Oh
Honeywell, Cataloging of Assets, Rockford Il
Department of the Air Force, Cataloging of Assets, Boston NH
Durvant, Cataloging of Assets Shiller Park Il.
DANA, Cataloging of Assets, Lisle Il
Honeywell, Cataloging of Assets, Claymont DE
Parker Hannifin Cataloging of Assets, Tell City In
EATON, Cataloging of Assets, Auburn IN
Ohlson Packing, Cataloging of Assets, Taunton Ma.
Collins Aerospace, Cataloging of Assets Windsor Locks, Ct
Graham Packing, Removal / Asset Dispersal, Southbury Ct
ACI Movers, Cataloging of Assets, Oklahoma City
2020 Completed Projects
  • Alta Devices, Cataloging of Assets, Sunnyvale Ca.
  • Muzons, Cataloging of Assets, Hayward Ca
  • US Steel, Cataloging / Removal / Asset Dispersal Austin Tx
  • Cody Labs Cataloging / Removal / Asset Dispersal, Cody Wy.
  • Immune Design, Cataloging / Removal / Asset Dispersal, Seattle Wa
  • Honeywell, Removal / Asset Dispersal, Claymont Delaware
  • JJ Transport, Removal / Asset Dispersal, Chicago Il
  • STAQ Energy Cataloging of Assets, Denver CO.
  • Akebono Cataloging of Assets, Clarksville TN
  • Akebono Cataloging of Assets, Columbia SC.
  • Marvel, Removal / Asset Dispersal Essex Junction Vt.
  • US Navy, Removal / Asset Dispersal, Bangor Submarine Base, Silverdale WA.
  • Coors Tech, Cataloging of Assets, Little Rock AR.
  • AbbVie Cataloging / Removal / Asset Dispersal (Continuous) Chicago, Il
  • Savana River Nuclear Removal Dispersal of Assets Solutions Barnwell SC.
  • Schneider Electric, Cataloging of Assets, Independence Ohio
  • FarMed, Cataloging of Assets, Memphis Tn
  • Tenneco Powertrain, Asset Removal, Minneapolis MS.
  • Western Digital, Cataloging of Assets San Jose Ca.
  • AMS, Cataloging of Assets Austin Texas
  • MASS Enterprises, I 70 Hospital, Sweet Springs Mo.
  • Tenneco Powertrain, Asset Removal Rochester MS.
  • Durvant, Cataloging of Assets, Schiller Park Il.
  • Lockheed Martin, Sunnyvale
Prior to 2020 Completed Projects

  • L3, Cataloging of Assets, Sarasota Fl.
  • Motorola, Cataloging of Assets, Plainfield In.
  • QUALCOMM, Cataloging Assets, Las Vegas NV
  • Fit Tec, Asset Removal, Brownsville Tx
  • Liquidity Cataloging of Assets Wilkesboro, NC
  • Airgas   Removal / Dispersal of assets, Wilkesboro Pa.
  • DSN Biomedical Ink, Removal, Oakland Ca.
  • Seagate Remove, Colorado Springs Co
  • Seagate Asset Removal Oklahoma City Ok
  • Lockheed, Cataloging / Removal / Asset Dispersal Martin, Huntsville Al
  • Caterpillar, Asset Removal, Aurora Il
  • Ironworks, Cataloging of Assets, Surrey BC
  • Bratina Point, Cataloging of Assets, Somerset MA
  • General Motors, Cataloging of Assets Chicago Il
  • Alta Devices, Cataloging of Assets Stockton, Ca
  • Kimberly Clarke, Cataloging of Assets, Los Angelis Ca.
  • Cambridge Towel, Cambridge Ontario Ca.
  • Abbott, Cataloging of Assets Waukegan Il