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Richard LeMieux
Ed McKnight

After recently leaving 6 years of leading a multinational online sales organization that supported many of the top companies worldwide I have learned how to best position assets for sale utilizing the proper platform and online sales best practices   


Having a vast background in sales from the beginnings of online sales in the late 1990’s selling advertising and developing websites. 


I am a strategic planner who understands new concepts and I am motivated to assist clients to accomplish the highest potential at each and every opportunity

Mr. McKnight spent most of his working career in the Auction Industry, from setting up turnkey auctions for multiple clients, all the while owning his own Auction Company and managing  all aspects of the business.


In the beginnings of online selling he was fortunate enough to get in on the ground floor of one of the leading internet selling platforms. His guidance and strategic thinking moved the industry from local servers to the cloud allowing for a seamless and more secure and robust system.


Ed was a key part of the strategic growth in online selling ,setting industry standards for software systems worldwide.

His sense of loyalty helping clients has lead Ed to an opportunity to use these skills to benefit others. 

Ed has spent 20 plus years learning how to incorporate Best Practices to maximize your return on your efforts and projects.

Let us help you be more successful

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